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About Me

I am a web designer/developer based in Pinjarra, Western Australia.
I have several years experience working in a range of different government, industrial and retail areas in both technical and sales capacities.
Currently, I am working with the friendly team at the Council On The Ageing (Western Australia) in an IT support role and managing the organisation's website.
I enjoy a range of different activities including reading, walking and watching various sports.
One of my passions is climate change and the experiencing of a lack of effort from various governments (particulalrly here in Australia) on addressing the issues.
My goal in setting up this website was to bring news and views from around the world on cleaner, greener technologies. Additionally, it gives me an opportunity to express my own views on the subject.
I hope you enjoy the content that I bring to my site and would love to hear your thoughts as well, even if you dont agree with mine. Just keep the conversations civil, OK?
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